Journal Article Title: What is a Forensic Engineer
Article Author(s): Hohns, H. Murray, P.E.
Volume: 1
Volume #: 1
Month: June
Year: 1984


I'm pleased and privileged to stand here and be one of the speakers at the first meeting of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers. I know that we now number about 110 strong and that we have a nucleus of proven people who are already established as Forensic Engineers. Furthermore we have several organizations which are well established behind us. The main support comes from NSPE and the second is the American Trial Lawyer Association which has given our founders some encouragement to reach this point. Both these societies function at the finest professional levels. Indeed one of our founders is the next President elect of the NSPE. I want to stress some things about what a Forensic Engineer really is, and what I perceive are important goals for the Academy and its membership, for the membership is the Academy.

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