Journal Article Title: Highway Speed vs. Sideslip (Critical Speed in a Curve)
Article Author(s): MANNING, LINDLEY, P.E., Bentson, Lynn, P.E.
Volume: 1
Volume #: 2
Month: December
Year: 1984


Is there a simple way to calculate vehicle speed based upon curved yaw marks on a road surface? J. Standard Baker, in his book Traffic Accident Investigation Manual, published by the Traffic Institute, Northwestern University, presents such a method. This method is taught by the Traffic Institute to thousands of police officers from all over the country. These people then use the method and abuse the method to bring criminal charges against drivers. Later, others use these calculations in civil actions for damages. The abuses will be addressed later on in this review (see Fig. 6 and 7), but what about the published method itself? What is it, and is it valid?

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