Journal Article Title: Ethical Considerations
Article Author(s): YAXLEY, WILBUR T., P.E., C.S.P.
Volume: 9
Volume #: 2
Month: December
Year: 1992


We should expect in our careers to be confronted with ethical choices of good vs. bad. However, these choices are often subtle in their approach and the personal repercussions vs. the overall good will be different if it is on a personal level. Some situations are easy to determine which ethical decision must be made. Obviously, illegal situations would be an easy determination. Illegally dumping large quantities of hazardous waste in places easily discoverable by authorities would immediately cause each of us to cry 'foul' and notify proper authorities. Signing and sealing a document very remote from your education and training, e.g. making application for an environmentally sensitive land use if one's education, training and expertise is in electronics, is obviously unethical and illegal. This would be a very easy decision to make and very few professionals (if any) would perform this illegal service.

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