Journal Article Title: The Forensic Engineer in Resolving Realty Disputes
Article Author(s): COOPER, NORMAN L., P.E.
Volume: 12
Volume #: 2
Month: December
Year: 1995

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Expert witness service is increasingly provided by the 'realty engineer' who has long inspected and engineered land and buildings for purchasers, owners, developers, and builders. For example, the 50% average annual growth in expert witness cases by Realty Engineering, Inc. is due to qualifications and method. The method is based on an ethical foundation and produces a report which has a primary purpose of aiding the parties in reaching a just settlement. The report includes a matrix of: problems found, legal requirements, analysis, recommendations, and cost estimate. An example report is appended addressing deficiencies in drainage, retaining walls, stairway, roof structure, ventilation, etc.