Journal Article Title: Forensic Engineering Analysis of a Pedestrian Parking Lot Accident
Article Author(s): Whelchel, Mark A., P.E.
Volume: 22
Volume #: 1
Month: June
Year: 2005

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Numerous studies have been conducted in recent times attempting to document pedestrian movement. Numerous studies have also been carried out on the human factor aspect of the driver of a motor vehicle. Instances may arise that do not fit well with pedestrian or motor vehicle driver studies. This case is such. An electrician working on a finished building entered onto a nearly completed parking lot area to drill a cover plate. He bent over a pallet in front of a vehicle that was temporarily parked as the driver and passenger were striping the parking lot. They subsequently entered into the truck and drove over the electrician. This paper analyzes the forensic engineering analysis of the accident and the subsequent testimony at deposition and trial. The testimony is of interest to the forensic engineer in that two opposing forensic engineering analyses were conducted with the jury rendering a verdict. The paper will explore not only the analyses, but the presentation of the facts to the jury through the use of aerial photography and computer aided programs.