Forensic Engineering Analysis of Night-Time Pedestrian Collisions

Article Author(s): Daniel J. Melcher, P.E. (NAFE 711S)

Volume: 28
Volume #: 1
Month: June
Year: 2011

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Given the high number of fatal and serious vehicle-pedestrian collisions that occur each year in night-time environments, Forensic Engineers are often called upon to complete a scientific reconstruction to determine what took place and what factors led to the collision’s occurrence. In an effort to reduce the frequency and severity of such incidents, Transportation Safety researchers continue to investigate causative factors related to roadway design, vehicular design, driver behavior, and pedestrian behavior.  The application of this extensive knowledge gained through safety research provides a scientific basis for Forensic Engineering analyses of specific events. This paper synthesizes the available research and compiles proven techniques to present a knowledge base and methodology for professionals involved in the Forensic Engineering evaluation of night-time pedestrian collisions.

Forensic Engineering, Collision Reconstruction, Pedestrian, Night-Time, Driver Response,
Avoidance Analysis