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You can access any of the CPD forms below, any time.  
The submissions be reviewed by the CPD Committee the first week in January, and after review, your CPD data will be updated in your member profile by mid-January.

 2018 CPD Form

2017 CPD Form


Paper CPD Form

for printing and mailing (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.)


FAQs on CPDs

I receive several questions throughout the year so I thought I would supply a FAQ of the most common questions:

1)      I am a new member, so why do I need to provide 5 years prior CPD information?  Actually, you only need to go back in years starting with the most recent until you have a total of 100 CPDs.  You do not need to go any further back but you do need to maintain 100 CPDs over the previous 5 years if you are a Member, Senior Member or Fellow, or 50 CPDs over the past 5 years for Associate Members.  (See BYLAWS Appendix 7 below)

2)      If I have over 100 CPDs for the previous 5 years, do I have to submit the forms annually?  No, you only need to maintain the minimum # of CPDs (100 or 50 depending on your membership) for the previous 5 years, but most members submit annually to stay on top of it.

3)      Can I just submit the same forms I submit to my state?  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  NAFE CPD allocations are quite different and include areas of credit beyond typical engineering professional development hours such as self-study, extent of forensic practice and community volunteering. 

4)      Can I mail in the forms or do they need to be submitted through the NAFE website?  I encourage submitting through the website but forms can also be mailed or e-mailed to me.  I have had a problem with email forms getting caught in my spam blocker so it is prudent to verify I received them.

5)      What if I do not meet the minimum required CPDs for my membership class?  The answer to this question is below in Appendix 2 of the BYLAWS.

6)      I am a Life member.  Do I need to keep current on my CPDs?  No, you are not required to maintain a minimum number of CPDs but some of our Life members do. 

7)      The amount of CPDs shown on my profile is less than I submitted.  Why is this?  CPD credits may be accrued from among 5 categories: academic credits (AC), contact credits (CC), practice credits (PC), self-study credits (SC) and community volunteer credits (CV).  Each category has a MAXIMUM numbers of credits that can be applied.  By far the most common error I see is failure to apply the MAXIMUM credit to each category.  I verify and adjust as necessary to insure CPDs are not above the maximum for each category.   


From Appendix 7 of the NAFE BYLAWS: 

3. A Member, Senior Member or Fellow having a credit balance of 100 credits tallied from the previous five years shall be deemed as a member in good standing of the NAFE (subject to timely payment of dues or assessments) and thereby certified as a Diplomate in Forensic Engineering for the subsequent three years.

4. An Associate Member having a credit balance of 50 credits tallied from the previous five years shall be deemed as in good standing of the NAFE (subject to timely payment of dues or assessments).


From Appendix 2 of the NAFE BYLAWS:

Members, Senior Members, and Fellows of NAFE, excepting those who are Life Members and Members on Waiver, are required to maintain currency of professional development and to provide information of same to the Academy. Since recertification of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is made for three year periods, there is ample opportunity for routine submittal of information. Annual submission is encouraged and facilitates maintenance of current CPD status. Those who are not current shall be considered as on probation until currency is reestablished. Members on probation shall not be listed in the NAFE Directory, the Journal, or any other publication of the Academy, and after twelve months on probation, are subject to severance from membership or transfer to a nonmember, non-certified status (see Bylaws, Appendix 2).


I am pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding Continuing Professional Development.


Bruce Wiers

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