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This responds to your inquiry with reference to the NAFE Directory and Journal,

The National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) was founded to bring together those professional engineers who have attained substantial experience and recognition in forensic engineering practice. It seeks to improve the practice, elevate the standards, and advance the cause of forensic engineering.  

Membership in the Academy is limited to Registered Professional Engineers who are also members of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). They must also be members in an accepted major technical engineering society. NAFE is formally affiliated with NSPE, but is an independent organization.

The levels of membership in the Academy are "Member," "Senior Member," and "Fellow," dependent upon experience and recommendations. At all levels, candidates for membership must demonstrate actual experience in forensic engineering, including testimony under oath subject to cross-examination. Recommendation. are required from attorneys or senior claims managers familiar with the candidate's forensic experience.

The NAFE Directory sets forth those who are the members of NAFE. For convenience of reference, it is organized to provide information on the location of the members and a brief description of their expertise. It is not a compendium of curricula vitae,. but only provides an abbreviated key word approach for easy identification of engineers according to their general areas of expertise. The members of the Academy will be glad to furnish more detailed information of their individual expertise. If further information is needed to identify a forensic engineer of particular expertise, any of the officers of the will be glad to assist.

Members and Correspondents receive online access to the NAFE Directory as part of their annual dues.  The Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers contains papers which have been accepted by NAFE. In some cases papers have been presented at NAFE Seminars. Members and Affiliates receive a copy of each Journal as a part of their annual dues. To obtain additional copies the costs are as follows:

$15.00 for members and affiliates of the NAFE; $30.00 for members of the NSPE not included in NAFE membership; $45.00 for all others.

Requests should be sent to NAFE, 1420 King Street Alexandria, VA 22314.

The Academy conducts seminars in July and January each year in conjunction with the NSPE meetings held at the same time. The papers that are presented at each seminar are then published in the following NAFE JOURNAL.
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