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Journal Article Title: National Academy of Forensic Engineers - President's Message
Article Author(s): COX, WILLIAM A., JR., P.E.
Volume: 2
Volume #: 1
Month: June
Year: 1985


Nineteen hundred and eighty five can be the year for the National Academy of Forensic Engineers to move its activities and influence onward and outward. A firm base of eminently qualified professional forensic engineers has been attained during the administrations of presidents Specter and Pritzker. A sound organizational structure has been put in place. We surely have the dedication to the profession, the experience, and the talents among our superb group of members, who were so meticulously evaluated, to become an effective force in the forensic arena for the public good and the betterment of the profession. Much of the effort of this years' leadership is devoted toward organizing expanded member participation in the affairs of the Academy. The splendid response to the questionnaire survey last December afforded specific identifications of member interests, useful goals and program suggestions and many volunteers of service to help implement them. This member input has been invaluable in the appointment of committees and the drafting of I their initial charges.

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