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Guidelines For Use of the NAFE Insignia


NAFE Members, Senior Members and Fellows may use the following NAFE insignias on personal business stationery and business cards as an expression of their membership in the Academy. This use is permitted only in accordance with the following guidelines. All other NAFE dues-payers - for example, Associate Members, Correspondents and International Affiliates are prohibited from using the NAFE insignias.

General Guidelines

Use of the NAFE insignias is permitted only as an expression of an individual’s board certification and may not be used to imply the membership of a company or organization in NAFE or as a direct or implied endorsement of any kind by NAFE. 

  • Only Members may use the Member Insignia
  • Only Senior Members may use the Senior Member Insignia
  • Only Fellows may use the Fellow Insignia
  • The NAFE Logos may only be used by the Board of Directors, Executive Director, Committee leaders (or their designees), and NAFE staff for the business purposes of the Academy.  Members and other dues-payers are not permitted to use the NAFE Logos.

Members must use an electronic version of the NAFE insignias supplied by NAFE. Scanning the NAFE insignias from printed material or attempting to recreate the NAFE insignias independently is not permitted.

The NAFE insignias may be used only in a tasteful and professional manner and may not be incorporated into, or superimposed onto, any other graphic image.

Size—To ensure quality and tasteful reproduction, member use of the NAFE insignias is restricted to the following range of minimum and maximum sizes (size refers to the width of the graphic image):

Maximum size:  1.5 inch height                                                Minimum size: 3/4 inch height                                                                

Members, Senior Members and Fellows may obtain their insignia below for use as described above:


       Download Member     Download Senior Member    Download Fellow


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