How can I become a presenter at a NAFE Conference?

If you would like to present a paper and have it reviewed and (if accepted) published in the NAFE Journal, please contact [email protected] or use the Submit an Abstract form with your idea.  Before you do this, you may want to review the timelines and requirements for abstracts and paper content in the Journal Contents document as well as the author obligations in the Journal Guidelines document, and review the NAFE Peer Review Process.

For Educational Seminars, if you would like to speak or have a speaker to suggest, please contact Education Committee Chair Robin Davies, PE at [email protected] or use the Submit an Abstract form with your idea.

How can I order a NAFE publication online?

NAFE technical papers and other publications may be searched by author or keyword.  All individual papers since 1994 are available for online purchase & download. Members have a coupon code for a 50% discount.  The code is listed on the Member Landing Page.

How do I access the NAFE Membership Directory?

Login to with your username and password.  Once logged in, you will enter the Members-Only area, where there are links to all the members-only pages.  The Membership Directory is linked here.  In addition, you can pay dues online, submit CPD forms, register for NAFE conferences, and stay informed of goings-on at NAFE.

How can I obtain my username and password?

Initially, your username is your email.  There are “Forgot Password” and “Reset Password” buttons on the login page.  Enter your email of record, and your login credentials will be sent to you by email, after a delay of about 30 minutes.

Are there any limitations on the use of the NAFE Membership Directory?

Yes.  The Online NAFE Member Directory, which is available in the NAFE private membership area, is intended solely for member personal use and for official NAFE business.  The Directory information may not be used by NAFE members or by others for commercial purposes.

How do I attain a NAFE Life Member status?

Under the NAFE Bylaws, all NAFE members, including Fellows, Senior Members, Members and Associate Members may apply and be granted NAFE Life Member Status if they meet the following three requirements:

1) has been a member of NAFE for at least 10 years or is a NAFE Charter Member;

2) does not receive in fees or wages as a forensic engineer in any calendar year more than fifty (50) times their annual NAFE dues in accordance with their then grade of membership; and

3) is at least 70 years of age 

Please note that those who attain NAFE Life Member Status continue to receive all NAFE publications and may attend the NAFE Winter and Summer Conferences at a 50% meeting registration discount. Upon attaining NAFE Life Member Status Members are not required to maintain membership in an engineering technical society or in NSPE.  However, to maintain NAFE Board Certification, NAFE Life Members must maintain current NAFE CPDs and an active professional licensure.  Annual NAFE Life Member dues are currently $100.

If you are a current NAFE Member, are eligible and would like to attain NAFE Life Member Status, please contact NAFE Executive Director Arthur Schwartz ([email protected]). 

How do I become a NAFE Mentor?

Members, Senior Members and Fellows may serve as mentors.  Submit the Mentoring form and the Mentoring Committee will contact you.

How can I access a NAFE Mentor?

Affiliates, Associate Members and Members may request a mentor.   Submit the Mentoring form and the Mentoring Committee will contact you.

How do I upgrade my NAFE Membership (e.g., from Affiliate to Associate Member or from Senior Member to Fellow)?

Use the Upgrade Application form for upgrade to Associate Member, Member, Senior Member, or Fellow.  This form is also linked on the Member Landing page.

How can I pay my dues online?

The Dues Renewal Form can be accessed any time during the year from the Member Landing Page.

How can I confirm online that my NAFE dues were received and processed?

Check your Member Profile.  A member who is up to date in dues payments will have an “Expiration Date” in their Member Profile, indicating January 1st of the following year.  When your dues are submitted online, your anniversary date will automatically advance to the next year.  Payments by check may take several weeks to be recorded in your profile. 

How do I submit my CPD (PDH) information to NAFE?

You may access the CPD Form any time during the year, and keep track of your credits.  Prior-year CPD Forms are also available if you did not submit last year.  CPD form links are on the Member Landing page.

How can I confirm online that my NAFE CPD information was received and processed?

Each January 1st, the CPD Committee will collect and review the submissions, and your profile will be updated with your CPD totals and status by email in early January.  Your annual totals are recorded and viewable (to you only) in your Member Profile.  Those totals are updated each January, and will not reflect current year submissions until the next January.

How can I join the NAFE1 List Serve?

Send an email to the moderator, George Hall, at [email protected].

Am I permitted to use the NAFE logo for purposes other than official NAFE business?

The NAFE “scroll” logo is reserved for Academy business and may not be used by individual members, other than for official Academy documents and correspondence.

Members, Senior Members and Fellows may use the NAFE Member Insignia.  The rules and insignias are linked on the Member Landing page.