Forensic Evaluations of Built-Up Roofing Storm Damage Claims and the Appraisal Process

Article Author: Todd Springer, P.E. (NAFE 422C)

Volume: 32
Volume #: 2
Month: December
Year: 2015

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Severe weather, which is a regular occurrence in the American Southwest, includes more than high temperatures and haboobs (dust storms). Severe thunderstorms, often accompanied by high winds and hail, are regularly experienced and have the potential to cause damage to roofing systems and other exterior building components. Insurance claims for storm damage — both legitimate and unwarranted — have come under increased scrutiny due to indistinct and altered dates of loss, the amending and broadening of damage causes, and the offering of technically unsupportable opinions by individuals who are less than qualified. Further, these claims often end in appraisal hearings that are decided by umpires for whom there are no minimum educational or experiential requirements.


Forensic engineering, storm damage, roofing, appraisal, wind, hail, weather, advocacy, scientific basis, public adjuster