A Message from NAFE President John Certuse, PEJohn Certuse

Dear NAFE Community;

I thank you for the opportunity to serve you as the 36th President of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.

Starting out as a sole practitioner self-employed forensic engineer in the early 1990's, I remember my excitement during my first assignments as well as the anxiety I felt leading up to my first depositions and trials! Working alone, I had no resources to assist me in improving my craft which lead me to the academy for support and guidance in my new profession.

I remember my first conversation with our founder and Past President Marvin Specter about the benefits of membership in our academy and I was not disappointed.

The academy has provided me with mentors and colleagues generous enough to share their knowledge of forensic technical investigations as well as how to better prepare myself as an expert witness during the legal process we often participate in. From discipline specific forensic procedures, contract and business administration issues, engineering ethics and national licensure, the academy has provided guidance and representation to the forensic engineering community since it was founded in 1982. Our academy has benefited from the knowledge shared by many of our academy's original members who are still active in our profession today as well as the many new members that have joined us. As an expert witness having testified in forensic matters I have benefited from being the author of papers that I have written for our NAFE Journal in many ways and I urge all academy members to consider doing so themselves. I am excited for the future of our academy as new forensic engineering and investigation professionals continue to join our ranks from all disciplines of the forensic engineering and investigation communities from across the country, Canada and beyond! From our ranks of Affiliates to Fellows, our cumulative experiences make up an extensive knowledge base across all areas of forensic investigation areas.

I urge you to become active in our academy by attending our meetings and consider serving our profession by contributing through committee participation.  I know that as I found the academy to be an invaluable resource to our forensic engineering profession, you will as well.